Rally Australia 2018

Rally Australia 2018

15. 11. 2018 - 19. 11. 2018

Unofficial results
List for category: RC3
SS 23 - Sapphire 2
SS length: 19.27km

SS progress

There is no crew in the selection.

retired (3 - Suninen Teemu / Markkula Mikko): technical problem - alternator after SS 23
retired (8 - Tänak Ott / Järveoja Martin): accident in SS 23
flash info (7 - Latvala Jari-Matti / Anttila Miikka): It was increduble, so demanding, so nasty places, had to be really, really patient. I heard Ott has stopped, I'm very sorry for him. Very tricky conditions.
flash info (6 - Paddon Hayden / Marshall Sebastian): When we got 20 seconds behind we just have to make no mistakes, on some of the creeks we were so slow we could have walked faster. It's not over until the fat lady sings!
flash info (10 - Østberg Mads / Eriksen Torstein): I was caught out on some mud - like everyone! I went off the road and into a tree. To be honest I though like that was it, but after that I pushed to the absolute limit.
(8 - Tänak Ott / Järveoja Martin): off the road
flash info (9 - Lappi Esapekka / Ferm Janne): It felt horrible, you cannot enjoy it. Even if I needed to push you can't enjoy it. Safely through.
flash info (1 - Ogier Sébastien / Ingrassia Julien): It is incredible, it is hard to keep the car on the road even driving so slow. I am just trying to go through and it so difficult, it is crazy.
flash info (2 - Evans Elfyn / Barritt Daniel): We just nipped wide and slide a little bit and the door popped open. Just a small impact and then couldn't reverse because the door was stuck against the tree.
flash info (3 - Suninen Teemu / Markkula Mikko): Still muddy but it was okay. Careful with the driving, just once I needed to reverse.
flash info (11 - Breen Craig / Martin Scott): Just finding all the tricky bits, I was completely stopped and on a left-hander on pure ice I got stuck on a tree and stopped for almost 30 or 40 seconds.