Barum Czech Rally Zlín 2018

Barum Czech Rally Zlín 2018

24. 08. 2018 - 26. 08. 2018

Unofficial results
List for category: ERC2
SS 2 - Březová
SS length: 8.23km

SS progress

Pos. No. Driver / Co-driver
Group SS time Aver. speed
1 31
Érdi T. / Papp György
Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X
RC2 00:07:07.6 69.29
Pos. No.
Driver / Co-driver
Pos. SS time
Total time Diff.Leader
1 31

Érdi T. / Papp György
Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X 
00:14:55.8 00:00:00.0
(59 - Pospíšilík Tomáš / Hovorka Jiří): was doing one lap more
retired (133 - Suchařípa David / Picková Martina): technical problem after SS 2
(136 - Tydlačková Pavlína / Hlávka Jiří): puncture
(122 - Vyvlečka Tomáš / Mudrák Vojtěch): was doing one lap less
(133 - Suchařípa David / Picková Martina): technical problems
retired (123 - Lešák Richard / Lešáková Vlasta): technical problem - driveshaft after SS 2
(51 - Munster Grégoire / Louka Louis): puncture
(109 - Bartúnek Tibor / Drmota Zdeněk): spun
retired (61 - Hanák Jiří / Vajík Karel): technical problem after SS 2
retired (99 - Lysen Anders / Madsen John): retired after SS 2
(73 - Lin Yuan-Hu / Shen Hui-Lan): was out of road
(91 - Janota Miroslav / Černoch Bohumil): spun
retired (71 - Hordossy Robert / Palivec Štěpán): broken wheel in SS 2
retired (69 - Baller Zbyněk / Večerka Michal): accident in SS 2
(70 - Vaňhara Michal / Janovská Kateřina): was out of road
(55 - Csomós Miklós / Nagy Attila): was out of road
retired (6 - Pech Václav / Uhel Petr): technical problem - catch driver after SS 2
retired (44 - Furuseth Sindre / Hjerpe Jim): technical problem - steering arm in SS 2
(10 - Pellier Laurent / Combe Geoffrey): spun
retired (34 - Nucita Andrea / Vozzo Marco): accident in SS 2
(24 - von Thurn und Taxis Albert / Degandt Bjorn): had a spin
flash info (2 - Magalhães Bruno / Magalhães Hugo): It was difficult to find the grip. We need to make some changes on the car, it was not so bad, only braking at some points was tricky.
flash info (16 - Yates Rhys / Edmondson Elliott): It was a little bit sketchy during the stage.
flash info (18 - Mareš Filip / Hloušek Jan): To be honest, I am not really satisfied with my performance. We missed a junction, lost the grip, we don´t have much confidence but OK. No big moments, we are too slow for it.
retired (43 - Brož Dominik / Těšínský Petr): technical problem - gearbox before SS 2
(16 - Yates Rhys / Edmondson Elliott): was out of road
(18 - Mareš Filip / Hloušek Jan): missed a junction
flash info (19 - Avcioğlu Orhan / Korkmaz Burçin): It was OK, very hard in muddy sections, you need to be really careful there. There was slippy tarmac as well, we will see in next loops.
flash info (21 - Tarabus Jaromír / Trunkát Daniel): Slippery but OK. It was a long section, no mistakes.
flash info (6 - Pech Václav / Uhel Petr): It was just a difficult stage, nice but very hard. It was slippery there but it suits us.
flash info (11 - Ingram Chris / Whittock Ross): We went off in the third lap, it was just a really bad slippy corner.
(11 - Ingram Chris / Whittock Ross): was out of road
flash info (27 - Jakeš Miroslav / Machů Petr): Maybe 500m to the finish we got a flat tyre but we don´t know where.
flash info (3 - Herczig Norbert / Ferencz Ramón): New day, new loops, we will see. We have tyres a little bit off the rim but the stage was good.
(27 - Jakeš Miroslav / Machů Petr): puncture
flash info (5 - Sordo Dani / Del Barrio Carlos): It was quite difficult with the grip, I am trying to do my best, we don´t really know anything about the grip here, the stages are new for us. We did a couple of improvements on the car setup, especially on damper setting, it works well.
flash info (1 - Lukyanuk Alexey / Arnautov Alexey): We keep the same pace, not taking risks and learning tyres in such conditions. So far it is good, time is not the top but it is good experience for us.
flash info (4 - Kopecký Jan / Dresler Pavel): It was quite OK on this black wet tarmac, GPS is a bit damaged which is really annoying, we didn´t have any problems with tracking system yesterday but today it is bad.
(4 - Kopecký Jan / Dresler Pavel): technical issues - GPS tracking system
flash info (9 - Gryazin Nikolay / Fedorov Yaroslav): It was very slippery, at some places there was wet tarmac. We are driving good and trying not to take any risks. It is difficult to go through, also because of cheating from other guys but OK.
road is wet
Slippy and tricky tarmac is expected in the stages today.
Stages are expected to be very slippery, muddy and treacherous due to rainfall.