Barum Czech Rally Zlín 2017

Barum Czech Rally Zlín 2017

25. 08. 2017 - 27. 08. 2017

Unofficial results
List for category: RGT
SS 3 - Semetín
SS length: 11.55km

SS progress

Pos. No. Driver / Co-driver
Group SS time Aver. speed
1 30
Dumas Romain / Giraudet Denis
Porsche 997 GT3
RGT 00:08:13.0 84.34
Pos. No.
Driver / Co-driver
Pos. SS time
Total time Diff.Leader
1 30

Dumas Romain / Giraudet Denis
Porsche 997 GT3 
00:20:51.1 00:00:00.0
retired (79 - Svačina Marcel / Kouřil Martin): technical problem after SS 3
(140 - Kadlec Miroslav / Hamšík Daniel): puncture
retired (150 - Tichý Štěpán / Hlavatý Martin): technical problem - axleshaft in SS 3
(98 - Zabloudil Štěpán / Novák Petr): puncture
(53 - Jakeš Miroslav / Ehlová Marcela): technical problems
flash info (29 - Német László / Szegő János): I could have been faster. I will try to do some small changes in the setup of the car to make it even better.
flash info (28 - von Thurn und Taxis Albert / Degandt Bjorn): I am not strong enough to push sometimes, I am trying to be careful and therefore I do not push properly at some times. I have to brake a lot at some sections and that is what makes me a bit slower. It is an amazing feeling to be here, it is better than in the Rzeszow Rally.
flash info (20 - Tlusťák Antonín / Vybíral Ivo): It is pretty hard here, this stage was very demanding but we are here to compete. jaromír Tarabus with his Skoda Fabia S2000 is driving perfectly.
flash info (26 - Tarabus Jaromír / Machů Petr): This stage made me to drive a bit more carefully but we hope we found good rhythm for the rally.
flash info (25 - Bostanci Murat / Vatansever Onur): This stage was the trickiest one in the rally so far. We tried to avoid any mistake, we had no problem.
retired (8 - Grzyb Grzegorz / Wróbel Jakub): technical problem - engine in SS 3
flash info (22 - Szeja Jarosław / Szeja Marcin): It was super. This stage was good, it was fast, I liked it.
flash info (23 - Botka Dávid / Mesterházi Márk): It was good, no problem during the stage, there were some big jumps.
flash info (12 - Moffett Josh / Fulton James): I do not believe it. I enjoyed it very much.
flash info (21 - Habaj Łukasz / Dymurski Daniel): It was OK but I lost some time, maybe I lost just a few seconds. I do not know what happened to Grzegorz but something went wrong with him, I think he broke his front right wheel rim, I have seen some sparks around him on the road.
flash info (5 - Bouffier Bryan / Panseri Xavier): Looking at the time, it is not that bad compared to the others guys. Despite that, I am not happy with my pace. You know, I cannot complain that much. Yes, it is quick time compared to the other guys but I am not happy with my driving.
flash info (6 - Griebel Marijan / Kopczyk Stefan): It is nice time, the jumps were very hard at the beginning, we are happy we did not make any mistake.
flash info (19 - Gryazin Nikolay / Fedorov Yaroslav): It was brilliant, there were too many jumps, it was slippery sometimes, sometimes it was very difficult.
flash info (27 - Odložilík Roman / Tureček Martin): Yeah, it was a very difficult stage, we have to change the setup.
flash info (9 - Kresta Roman / Starý Petr): I am happy, no problem at all.
flash info (11 - Valoušek Pavel / Havelková Veronika): It was a very difficult stage, I have some problems with my driving because I do not have any confidence now. I hope it will be better.
flash info (3 - Magalhães Bruno / Magalhães Hugo): It is getting worse and worse, it is my first time on these stages so I am doing experiments. It is OK to compete but the gravel is hard for me. It is like that with cutting the corners, I am trying to improve but it is impossible to mantain the same speed.
flash info (14 - Koči Martin / Schovánek Filip): It was very very tricky but OK, there were some big jumps during the stage. OK, time is not bad, OK.
flash info (18 - Černý Jan / Černohorský Petr): It was a really bumpy stage, I was in the air all the time. It is difficult but I like it.
flash info (17 - Suárez José António / Carrera Cándido): It was a tricky stage, a very slippery one. The gravel is very slippery at some places.
flash info (16 - Kostka Tomáš / Kučera Ladislav): The guys are pushing hard in the front line. I was a little bit struggling with the tyres but I guess the others have the same problem because it is slippery everywhere.
flash info (1 - Kajetanowicz Kajetan / Baran Jarosław): It was a very bumpy stage, pretty hard to stay on the road, it was tricky and twisty.
flash info (7 - Pech Václav / Uhel Petr): Such an awesome sport it is, it was a brilliant stage but I was afraid of the crest, not to be kicked out somewhere. So far I am satisfied.
flash info (2 - Kopecký Jan / Dresler Pavel): Yes, everything is OK but looking at the Alexey´s time, he was so fast.
flash info (4 - Lukyanuk Alexey / Arnautov Alexey): It was a brilliant stage but my brake fluid pressure is not good, my speed is not so good, I am disappointed, really.